Jerrin KollickJerrin Kollick1

Newbie Class: 2011

Graduation Years: 2014, 2016

Career / Current Position: Post-graduate Trainee, Mental
and Social Well-being and Prevention Education
(Appalachian State, Wellness and Prevention Services)

Location: Boone, NC

Favorite Ambassadors Memory: 
Oh My Word! Where do I start!? Do I have to pick just one? 
Well, one of my two most memorable Ambassador moments is Homecoming 2011 Lip Sync! Our routine was amazing, and we won 1st place! From helping to choreograph a part in the dance, to experiencing so much love  from Alumni and the current Ambassadors, it was so much fun!! My second favorite memory was being able to travel to South Africa with 3 other Ambassadors! The experience is one that I still cherish! We were able to share our experience on campus tours and share with prospective students about the relationships and opportunities that Appalachian provides for students who are interested in studying abroad. It was my first time out of the country and I would not have been able to experience such an awesome opportunity if, SDC who was the adviser at that time, didn't extend the offer to me! 

How has Ambassadors benefitted you post-graduation? There are so many things that I could say I benefit from on a regular because I was an Ambassador. In my current role at Appalachian I am able to connect clients to resources without even looking in the directory! Also, when I meet new people, being able to engage with them and learn something about them within the first 2 minutes of meeting them. Knowing how to be professional in all settings and skilled in listening attentively and engaging with people who hold various titles and positions. My biggest benefit is the art of drawing whoever is in front of me and sharing with them my love, passion, and excitement for a particular thing! I believe if I can convince a student to come to App while giving a tour in a blizzard, I can do anything! 

What would you say to a student considering applying to be an Ambassador? Do not take this opportunity for granted! If afforded the chance to serve as an Ambassador, the reward is fulfilling and goes beyond your years at Appalachian. As a Student Ambassador you extend beyond the mantra of "Today I Give My All for Appalachian State".

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