Ambassador Job Description

Appalachian Student Ambassador


Position Summary: The Appalachian Student Ambassador strives to improve the quality of the university through partnerships with the Alumni Association, University Admissions, and the Office of the Chancellor. They regularly interact with prospective students and families, ASU alumni, and university officials to both showcase the university and advocate on behalf of its students. 


Required Tasks:


  • Attend the weekly Ambassadors meeting on Tuesdays at 5 pm
  • Recite university information at various locations around campus
  • Answer questions accurately from prospective students and families
  • Serve as student representatives at other various admissions events (i.e. Open House)
  • Attend professional gatherings with university officials (i.e. Meet & Greet with the Chancellor’s cabinet)
  • Fulfill an individual leadership by working independently or as a team to complete duties outside the Ambassador mission statement
  • Actively participate in the recruitment and selection of our new members
  • Serve the minimum time requirements at our two big community service events 
  • Interact with people of differing age, maturity, professional stature, backgrounds
  • Mentor less tenured Ambassadors
  • Arrive to all Ambassador commitments on time


Additional Voluntary Tasks:


  • Showcase the university in an additional 1-hour special tour, usually for high school field trips
  • Assist the Alumni Association in the preparation and running of various Alumni events
  • Assist the Chancellor’s office in the preparation and running of various Chancellor events
  • Attend professional development events
  • Create interpersonal relationships within the group to build community 
  • Volunteer for additional Ambassadors sponsored community service events
  • Attend relations events to foster community within the organization


Tools & Equipment:*


  • GroupMe Application
  • G-Suite software (i.e. google drive, google docs, google forms)
  • Appalachian Student Ambassador uniform (largely provided by the organization, but members must provide their own khakis, white button-down shirt, black belt, and black shoes)
  • Business professional dress (provided by applicant)
  • Must have access to a computer
  • Must have access to transportation to campus


*If the applicant is unable to provide any of these items, they are encouraged to reach out to the Ambassador organization advisors. The Ambassador organization will work to mitigate any financial burdens these requirements place on the applicant. 


Job Context: The Appalachian Student Ambassador position places demands on the physical and mental capabilities of its holder. Ambassadors are tasked with working directly with on campus offices to support campus activities and engagement. Additionally, for longer events, the Ambassador may be on their feet for 6+ hours with limited breaks. Ambassador events also typically take place regardless of most weather conditions. Ambassadors will have to deal with a great variety of environmental stimuli and larger groups of people. Finally, they need to be able to work around deadlines and under pressure.  


Performance Standards: Following their introductory training for the position, new members are required to pass a written test as well as perform a mock campus tour for a member of the executive committee prior to being inducted into the organization. Ambassadors are expected to attend requried events, as well as volunteer as needed for campus sponsored events.


Compensation & Benefits: This position is not paid. However, there are several benefits outside of monetary compensation. Ambassadors are eligible for various scholarships through the organization, are granted priority registration for classes, and are given the opportunity to purchase a Graduate Assistant parking pass not normally available to undergraduate students. Ambassadors also have access to our vast Appalachian Student Ambassador alumni network, and they constantly interact with university and UNC officials. 



Needed Upon Hire:


  • Ability to tell a story and engage an audience
  • Clear written and verbal communication
  • Willingness to interact and engage with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Comfort speaking in front of crowds up to 30 people or one-on-one
  • Able to execute projects or tasks with little or no supervision
  • Time management skills

Needed After Hire: 


  • Knowledge of campus layout and names/purpose of all campus buildings
  • Mastery of University information
  • Competency in navigating the admissions software
  • Knowledge of how to effectively mentor others
  • Knowledge of the rules and procedures of the Ambassador organization 
  • Understanding and demonstration of professionalism