Dedicated Service

"Dedicated service is a part of our mission statement. When we say dedicated service, we are referring to the three offices on campus that we serve. But our group has done a great job of understanding that dedicated service must transcend to our community on campus." - Emma Labovitz, New Member Class of 2015

Spring Break, for many students, means using the time to relax in the middle of the semester. However, some students use the week in service to various communities in the Boone community and abroad. Each year, several Ambassadors will take part in some form of service, whether it's through Appalachian's Alternative Service Experience (ASE's) or through many other service organizations. Here are some of their experiences!

Hope for the Inner City

Sophie Davis, New Member Class of 2019, headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee to work with an organization called Hope for the Inner City. In the mornings, Sophie visited various work sites to to help with projects that needed to be completed. For example, one morning they worked in the community garden. Afternoons consisted of assisting with an after school program helping students with their homework.

International Alternative Service Experience to the Dominican Republic

Vicky's Alternative Service Experience program visiting La Rosa's current water source.

For the last three years, the community of La Rosa has been working to build a water tank to provide clean water those within the community. Vicky Anderson, New Member Class of 2017, traveled to the Dominican Republic leading an Alternative Service Experience to assist with working on this water tank. 

Vicky Anderson, New Member Class of 2017

"Alternative Service Experience is an amazing way to step out of your comfort zone and become the leader, the educator, for a group of students. I would not trade my time in La Rosa for anything, and I would highly recommend any blossoming student leaders to look into i-ASE!" - Vicky Anderson, New Member Class of 2017

Alternative Service Experience - Outdoor Opportunities

Isabel Martin, along with her co-leader, led an ASE to Georgia to work at Camp Evergreen. This camp provides underprivileged youth the opportunity to have a wilderness experience. While there, Isabel and 9 other Appalachian State University students worked together to prepare the camp for the children during the summer. This included things like cleaning and providing maintenance work, painting, and assuring water was on at all locations across the camp. 

"One of the highlights of this experience was getting to meet our community partner Toby Grady. He just loves what he does and was able to show us the impact of our work for the children who come through Camp Evergreen." -Isabel Martin, New Member Class of 2018

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Mar 20, 19