Professionalism. Dedicated Service. Direct Partnerships.


The Appalachian Student Ambassadors are a group of 50 undergraduate students who serve Appalachian State University as official student representatives for the Office of Admissions, the Alumni Association and the Office of the Chancellor.
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"As the Appalachian Student Ambassadors, we strive to improve the quality of our University through professionalism, dedicated service, and a direct partnership with the Alumni Association, University Admissions, and the Office of the Chancellor."


Recent Updates

Dedicated Service

Spring Break, for many students, means using the time to relax in the middle of the semester. However, some students use the week in service to various communities in the Boone community and abroad. Each year, several Ambassadors will take part in some form of service, whether it's through Appalach
Mar 20, 19

Setting The Standards of Excellence

This is one of the core aspects of CIVSA, or The Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association. Each year, this organization hosts the Student Development Institute conference. With a focus on networking, presenting best practices and ideas, and "setting the standard of excellence in the f
Jan 11, 19

Keeping the High Country Warm

It is no secret that the winter months in Boone are cold. So, when being outside, it's important to be dressed appropriately. Through this basic fact, and to raise awareness of the homeless population in Boone, The Nearly Naked Mile event was established. 
Oct 5, 18

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